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Credit dispute algorithms routing with raw bureau data

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Our CLOUD and secure credit apps

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Who is using Creditxp?

Influencing the future of Credit through a comprehensive curriculum


Realtors now have a more unified involvement. A Credit Mentor using the Credit App now has an approach to incorporate Realtors, Builders and Lenders keeping everyone informed of the Clients progress by using the Credit App. Realtors can build pipelines of prospective clients to show houses and builders can schedule build out dates. When the credit mentor has built a strong credible relationship everyone prospers.


Lenders when your clients use the Credit App you will know that the file has been sanitized and is accurate. The biggest fear a lender has about consumers with credit problems is an account being erroneously removed tainting the report. Avoid this from happening and evade the setback of the collections reappearing after you have funded the loan.

Home Builders

Home Builders create your own Home Buyers Program for prospective buyers. Build your pipeline of would-be buyers that previously were lost due to inadequate solutions available to them. Your lenders and realtors will be able to close more of your deals due to your ability to teach your credit challenged clients about credit, as well as resolving the problems that are keeping them from qualifying.

A collaboration engaging lenders, realtors and builders. Offering a system combined with support is invaluable when working with everyone involved to update your clients progress. You will form a unified relationship beyond measures providing an astonishing service that keeps everyone informed. No other system on the market gives you the ability to offer such a remarkable product and service.

Handle collections that were not resolved with sanitizing the file. When collections have been validated as accurate you now have options to resolve. Help them Settle it or file a Complaint to the CFPB for possible FDCPA Violation. This service is extremely valuable due to collections can be very complex. One of the feature is that the system creates letters to negotiate the collection for less than the amount owed. The system provides the tools needed to settle these accounts.